Quick Pass Solar Investment Calculator 

If you’re seeking capital, use this calculator to see what SolRiver could pay for your project. If the price works for you, click the “Email Terms” button.  We’ll then reach out to take a deeper look.

Note – This is the quick estimate. To see a detailed estimate use our Project Optimizer.

The Calculator

The First-Pass Pricing Calculator is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a preliminary look at your project and what our acquisition pricing could be based on the inputs you’ve provided.

On the back-end, we run your project through our financing assumptions. While the purchase price isn’t a binding offer, it does serve as a baseline for future discussions.

Next Steps

(1) If you like what you see above, feel free to contact us.

(2) If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive, then our Optimized Calculator is for you! It features more detailed project inputs and provides tips on each input so you get the best possible pricing from us. The Optimized Calculator is available as part of our Developer Platform.

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