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About SolRiver Capital

SolRiver invests in high-quality mid-size projects. We provide solar project acquisition capital to large commercial and small utility-scale projects.

We offer developers and installers the full capital stack, including tax equity, to successfully fund their solar projects.

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SolRiver’s Developer Platform is free to use but requires a login. You can request one by clicking the link below!

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Once approved, you’ll have full access to the Developer Platform’s powerful suite of tools.

The Tools

Project Optimizer – The Project Optimizer gives you direct access to our financial model. It shows you SolRiver’s real time pricing for an investment in your solar project. It even provides tips on how to best set up your project to maximize your Dev Fee. 
Guided Diligence Process –We make our investment diligence process as transparent as possible. Our full underwriting criteria are published online so you know exactly what documents are needed and why we’re asking for them. 
PPA Rate Finder –The PPA Rate Finder is designed for Developers or Installers who are responding to RFP’s. It gives you the PPA rate needed on your project to hit your desired purchase price from SolRiver Capital. 
Contract Library –The Contract Library has downloadable templates of solar project agreements. It includes form PPAs, Site Leases, EPC Agreements, and more.