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SolRiver Capital invests in clean energy projects. We bring the full capital stack, with flexible options, and a streamlined process.

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Solar Investment Capital

We structure our investments around our partners’ objectives. We can acquire projects outright if a developer or installer wants to exit.  Alternatively, we can invest in the project alongside our partners, taking a passive role and allowing our partner to manage the asset.

We offer the following options 

Full Takeout Finance

(Tax Equity, Sponsor Equity, & Debt)

Construction Equity

Funding first 10-15% of construction costs

Development Equity

Funding Pre-NTP project costs for qualified pipelines

How We Invest

We use a streamlined process to evaluate and close deals quickly. We offer partners access to our Solar Developer Platform, which provides direct access to our financial model, template contracts, and a carefully guided diligence process. It’s a free service to any solar developer or installer working with us.

Solar Investment Model

What type of capital partner do you need?

What We Invest In

SolRiver invests primarily in solar PV projects.
We also invest in energy storage projects when affiliated with solar projects.

Commercial & Industrial
Ground Mount
Small-Mid Utility Scale
Virtual Net Metering
Water Districts

Where We Invest

We are open to investing in projects in any state with favorable economics and solar-friendly policies. Based on current policies, the colored states indicate our most favorable potential for investment. 

Who We Work With

SolRiver works with a wide range of partners, from solar Developers, Installers/EPC firms, brokers,and other energy investment funds.





Clear, Easy Process.
Our process is straightforward and easy. We share transparent pricing models to eliminate needless negotiation. We publish clear underwriting guidelines so our partners know what’s required before they begin.
Early Stage, Flexible Capital
Many solar investors will not invest until a project reaches “NTP.” Yet, Developers often need a quick infusion of capital to get a lucrative project to “NTP.” SolRiver solves this problem by offering qualified developers true development equity. Of course, we bring the full capital stack (sponsor equity, tax equity, and debt) too.
Designed For Solar Projects
SolRiver’s management team has decades of experience developing solar projects.  We understand the process. We know which issues are show-stoppers and which will be sorted out in due time.  We leveraged this expertise to structure a fund that is tailored around the business realities of solar development, delivering dependable results to all stakeholders involved.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

If you have a project, please let us know. Feel free to use this form to: tell about your project and how you think we can help.
We will promptly respond with our determination of how you should proceed.