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Cultural Resource Assessment Guide for Solar Developers

In certain regions, cultural resources can cause a number of delays to a solar project. SolRiver Capital wants developers and installers to understand what a Cultural Resource Assessment is and when we require it during the diligence process for you to secure an investment from us. In this guide on the Cultural Resource Assessment, we discuss:

  1. What a Cultural Resource Assessment is;
  2. Why SolRiver requires it (in certain circumstances) and when it is needed;
  3. The scope SolRiver requires; and
  4. Who can provide the service.

What is a Cultural Resource Assessment?

The Cultural Resource Assessment is performed by an archaeologist to determine if there are any buildings, structures, sites, or artifacts that would be considered or are listed as historical. It requires a site visit from the archaeologist who excavates at multiple locations in search of historic artifacts.

Why is the Cultural Resource Assessment needed and when do you need it by?

A Cultural Resource Assessment may not be required for every project, but in certain areas, especially those near historic sites, it is critical to mitigate any risk of project delays during construction. If artifacts are found on the site, the contractor will give a recommendation as to what should be done to mitigate the risk if further artifacts are found. The Cultural Resource Assessment should be dated within six (6) months of NTP.


What is the required scope for a Cultural Resource Assessment?

A Cultural Resource Assessment requires: (1) the review of appropriate literature and databases; (2) historical aerial images; (3) a site visit to dig at various points on the site; (4) interviews with current and former property owners; and (5) correspondence with the local or state historic preservation office.

SolRiver Capital

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Who can help prepare a Cultural Resource Assessment?

ECS Limited: