Solar Developer Fees at SolRiver

Developer & Installer Compensation

SolRiver structures it’s project funding amount (called the Purchase Price) to be an all-in amount. That means it’s designed to covers all outstanding costs involved in bringing the project to COD. After paying those costs, any leftover amount is paid as a Developer Fee.

What is a Solar Developer Fee?

A Solar Developer Fee is a payment made to a solar developer that compensates them for the time and resources spent in successfully developing a solar project. Developer Fees typically range from 5% to 20% of total project costs.

To get to the Developer Fee, our Purchase Price is distributed in the following order:

1st – Construction Loans

First priority is given to any outstanding construction loans or construction financing costs (if applicable)

2nd – EPC Payments

Funds are used to pay any amounts required to pay the EPC contractor, which usually occurs during construction.

3rd – Reserve Requirements/Transaction Costs

Any reserve requirements and other outstanding third-party transaction costs must be satisfied.

4th – Developer Fee

All remaining capital is paid to the developer or installer as a Developer Fee.

Unlike other groups, SolRiver doesn’t fix a developer fee. Instead, it’s whatever amount is left over after paying off the costs above. Efficiently building a project means you’ll capture the upside with a higher Dev Fee.

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