Built for Solar Developers

SolRiver’s platform streamlines closing with us
by offering online financial models, clear criteria, and other tools.

What is the “Developer Platform?”

We created the Developer Platform to help our partners close investments with us efficiently. We provide direct access to our financial model, and a carefully guided diligence process to keep projects on track for a timely closing. The Platform also includes valuable tools to help you win new projects, such as our Contract Library and Rate Finder tool. We offer the Platform at no charge, exclusively to SolRiver Capital partners. To request an invitation, send us an email or use the form below.

Close & Fund Your Project With SolRiver Capital


The Project Optimizer gives you a price estimate of our solar energy investment in your project. You can use it to run scenarios to see how certain changes can improve the price we offer. We even provide recommendations on how to set up the project to yield the best price.

Solar Investment Price Model
solar diligence


Our evaluation process is as transparent as possible. We publish our full criteria, providing you a complete road map of what will be required for underwriting from the beginning. We use online data rooms with integrated progress tracking to help you know what is left to close. Visit our Diligence Process page to find out more.

Tools To Help Partners Win New Projects


We are often asked “What PPA rate is needed to hit $X purchase price?” The Rate Finder gives you the model to answer that question. Use it to run scenarios and set up your next project to hit the margins you need.

Solar PPA rate model
Solar Contract Sample


We offer a library of template solar project agreements. The library includes template:

Request Access to be a SolRiver Partner

SolRiver Platform Invite

Why an Invitation, not “sign up?”

The Platform enables partners to set up and close solar investments under SolRiver Capital’s terms quickly. We are selective about who we allow to access it. We extend access invitations to partners pursuing projects that fit well with our investment criteria.

What to look for in a Partner

What do you look for in a partner?

We review your info, your website, and project targets. If it looks like we would work well together, we approve your request. We typically work with regional installers, developers, and contractors.

No cost

Will this cost me anything?

No, the Developer Platform is free. Once approved, you will have full access to all of the powerful tools, online solar financial models, and sample solar investment agreements, along with a direct line to our team.

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