Investment Options

SolRiver offers an array of funding for renewable energy projects. 

Renewable Energy Funding For Projects & Developers

SolRiver offers developers an array of investments options based on their needs.  We provide early stage development capital, mid-stage bridge finance, construction equity, as well as acquiring projects outright.  We invest in solar, storage, hybrid systems, as well as emerging energy transition projects.

Acquire Projects

SolRiver buys renewable energy projects across the country. We invest across the spectrum of project sizes from distributed generation to community solar, and large utility scale solar+storage projects. We are comfortable acquiring at any stage of development, from early-stage to late-stage assets.

Development Capital

SolRiver invests early-stage Development Capital with Developers.  This investment could be used in a myriad of ways from backing a startup team’s working capital to funding larger dev-ex items like IX studies or permitting. 

Build-Transfer/ Construction

SolRiver funds the construction of Build-Transfer projects by providing construction equity.  We partner with the Developer/EPC/Sponsor to fund the initial construction costs, which is typically required before a construction loan may be drawn. Typically, our construction equity is repaid through the Build Transfer payments.

Development Loans

SolRiver provides project level loans to Developers to support early stage to late stage development. Loans may be used for IX Deposits, Equipment Deposits, Bridges to Dev Fees, and other development expenses. 

Co-Development Partnerships & Flexible Approach

We frequently enter Co-Development Partnerships with Developers.  Under this teaming arrangement, we provide our partners strategic support on financial, legal, and market issues.  The result are more successful and profitable projects. 

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