Investment Options

SolRiver offers Project Developers the full capital stack needed for energy projects.

Funding For Project Developers

We offer development capital, construction equity, and acquisition funding. We use a flexible approach tailoring investments to our partner’s objectives.

We provide Full Capital Stack

SolRiver acquires projects from our developer/installer partner at NTP. Our invested capital fully monetizes the energy tax credit and other tax benefits, like a tax equity investor.

Upon acquisition, our purchase price is paid out in a series of milestone payments. Payments cover the EPC Costs and, any construction loan fees, with the remainder allocated to you as a “Developer Fee.”

Our final milestone payment is subject to standard conditions, such as:

  • Satisfying all conditions precedent under the revenue contracts (PPA, SRECs etc.)
  • Demonstrating clear title with a Title Insurance Commitment (for ground mounted arrays)
  • Independent Engineer Report the planned project is reasonable.

Ask about our investment process

What do you want to learn about:

    Construction Equity

    If you’re obtaining your own construction loan, the bank often requires you invest the capital to fund the initial costs, called “proof of equity.” SolRiver can provide the funding to fulfill this proof of equity under the construction loan.

    Development Capital

    To get a project to NTP, the project often needs to meet several pre-NTP requirements. SolRiver can provide the development capital needed to cover the expenses incurred in reaching these requirements

    Our Flexible Approach

    We begin working with you by giving you an estimated purchase price based on your project’s projected financial returns. The easiest way to get a quote is to use our First Pass Pricing Calculator.
    This First Pass Estimate forms the baseline for a successful deal. If you want to customize your project to find the maximum developer fee we can offer, use our more detailed Project Optimizer. This is available free of charge to our Partners under the SolRiver Developer Platform.

    Let’s Discuss Your Project

    We’re ready to look at your project. To get in touch with us, pick the option below that’s easiest for you.

    Send Email

    You can always email us about your project. Just include some basic information like system size, location, and offtaker.

    Submit via Form

    You can also use our online project intake form. Answer a handful of questions about the project and our team will be notified immediately.

    Use Excel Sheet

    Alternatively, we can provide you a short Excel worksheet with our project inputs. Simply email the file back to us with your information and we’ll be sure to review it.