Construction Financing

SolRiver Provides Capital For Construction

What is Construction Financing?

Construction financing is a type of funding that’s used to finance the installation of a renewable energy project. Construction financing can take the form of debt or equity. In most cases, a construction loan or line of credit is used and is periodically drawn from during system construction by the developer or EPC contractor.

How SolRiver Finances Construction

SolRiver Capital invests in financing construction for projects at the NTP stage. Many of our partners use traditional construction loans to finance EPC milestone payments. Often, the Construction Lenders require the developer (or sponsor equity) to contribute the first 15% of costs before drawing on the construction loan.
SolRiver Capital provides the Construction Equity investment needed to cover the initial construction costs not covered by your loan. That way, you get the full amount of capital you need to drive the project to COD. However, if you don’t have a construction loan, SolRiver can fund construction itself based on a milestone payment schedule.

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    Criteria For Investing in Construction Or EPC Finance

    SolRiver Capital invests Construction Equity in projects at the NTP stage. In the world of renewable energy project finance, the definition of NTP varies widely. In general, SolRiver considers a project ready for construction when all of the following conditions are met:


    All revenue contracts are in place, meaning a signed PPA, and if applicable, executed REC Purchase Agreements and confirmed rebate awards.


    An executed EPC contract(s) for the Project with rates, terms, performance guarantees and a construction schedule acceptable to SolRiver.


    A construction loan capable of covering remaining build costs is ready to be drawn upon after meeting the proof of equity.


    The project has secured all applicable permits necessary to construct and operate the system.


    Site control is established via Site Lease, Site Easement, or an Option agreement.


    If applicable, full interconnection approval
    from the utility.

    After our team gets a chance to review the information, we’ll follow up with you and request any additional materials necessary for our evaluation. Pending approval, we provide Construction Equity on the terms outlined below. If you don’t qualify for Construction Equity, you may be a good fit for pre-NTP Development Capital

    How We Structure
    Construction Equity

    Typically, we structure Construction Equity as an equity investment in the project company (“ProjectCo”). The proceeds are solely used for expenses that qualify as “proof of equity” under the construction loan.

    It’s SolRiver’s preference to provide the takeout financing on these projects too. In that case, we simply deduct the Construction Equity repayment from the final Purchase Price we pay to you.

    How We Structure EPC

    SolRiver is also happy to provide EPC Finance. EPC finance is a term for funding installers and developers during the construction of an energy system, or multiple systems, by providing a line of credit or construction revolver to the EPC directly, rather than a loan to the project. The EPC can draw funds upon reaching certain construction milestones, thereby financing the installation of the system.

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