The Solar Project Investment Process

What’s the process for submitting a project and getting an investment offer from SolRiver?

We answer both of those questions below.


You tell us about your project. Below are 3 ways to do that


We give you an indicative price. (i.e. How much we can invest in your project.)


If you like the price, we begin the project review process and furnish you with our proposed term sheet. Read below for more on each step.

Can We Invest In Your Project? Find Out!

Tell us about your project. We’ll quickly tell you what we can offer.

Get an Indicative Price

(i.e. How much SolRiver will invest in your project.)

SolRiver readily provides indicative pricing. We are happy to evaluate your project and share our initial estimate of what we could pay for it. You can get a preliminary quote directly on our website or ask us to run pricing offline.

Do It Yourself

You have direct access to our financial model via our First Pass Pricing and Project Optimizer calculators. Each shows you SolRiver’s pricing for a standard investment in your project. You’ll see in real-time how much we could pay based on the assumptions you provide. The Optimizer even provides recommendations on how to set up the project to yield the best return possible.

Ask Us to Give You a Quote

We are happy to run our pricing for your project offline. We use the information you provide in the Project Intake Form or Excel Worksheet to fill out our investment models. After we reach our best price, we’ll send you an email or schedule a phone call to discuss how much we can pay for your project.

Tip You should ask us to
give you a quote if :

You have a portfolio of high-quality DG, C&I, and utility-scale solar PV projects or an individual project in the range of 5MW to 50MW

You have unusual project terms, such as a tiered PPA rate or a variable PPA escalator

You have a large utility-scale project or portfolio ranging from 50MW to 500MW

You have a non-standard project in some other way

Next Steps – SolRiver’s Quick Review


Lets Talk

You can ask us any questions. Then, we’ll ask you a couple of questions about your project.


Review A Few Docs

Next, we ask to look at a short list of project related documents. We’ll do a quick review of those to confirm the project has no showstoppers.


Collaboration on Terms

Finally, we’ll collaborate with each
other on the purchase terms that
best fit your needs
and expectations

Guided Diligence

Interested in learning more about what we look for in the Quick Review? Our Solar Developer Platform has a detailed diligence roadmap that covers every step of the funding process, from beginning to close.

Issuing a Term Sheet

After collaborating together, we prepare a Term Sheet outlining our best offer for the purchase of your solar project. After signing for our acquisition of your project, SolRiver begins the due diligence process and starts to prepare the definitive set of transaction documents. During this stage, we will be readily available to answer questions and keep you up to date on our progress.

Typical terms discussed at this stage are :
• Is the purchase made at NTP or COD?
• Who is the EPC?
• What is the payment schedule?
• What are the milestones?
• Is there an option to get ongoing revenue?