Solar Project Funding For Installers / Developers 

SolRiver offers Installers / Developers the full capital stack needed to fund solar projects.

We offer both construction equity and takeout capital.

We use a flexible approach tailoring investments to our partner’s objectives.

We Provide The Full Capital Stack 

SolRiver acquires projects from our developer/installer partner at COD. Our invested capital fully monetizes the energy tax credit and other tax benefits, like a tax equity investor. Upon acquisition, the purchase price we pay is used to pay off the construction loan, outstanding EPC costs, and the rest is kept by you as a “Developer Fee.”

Our acquisitions are subject to standard conditions, such as:

  • Reaching final completion under the EPC agreement
  • Interconnection with the utility
  • Satisfying all conditions precedent under the revenue contracts (PPA, SRECs etc.)
  • Demonstrating clear title with a Title Insurance Commitment (for ground mounted arrays)
  • Independent Engineer Report confirming the as-built project is consistent with the underlying deal terms

Construction Capital

When you get a construction loan, the bank often require you invest the capital to fund the initial constuction costs, called “Proof Of Equity.”  SolRiver can provide this capital to be used as “Proof of Equity” under the construction loan.

Our Flexible Approach

We begin working with you by giving you an estimated purchase price based on your project’s projected financial returns. The easiest way to get a quote is to use our Quick Solar Investment Calculator. The calculator gives you direct access to our solar finance model, which will estimate what we would be willing to pay for your project. 

This First Pass Estimate forms the baseline for a successful deal. If you want to customize your project to find the maximum solar developer fee we can offer, use our more detailed Project Optimzer.  This is available free of charge to our Partners under the SolRiver Developer Platform.   

A Tailored Agreement

We work with developers and installers to reach deals that make sense for them. For some, this means maximizing an up-front Developer Fee. Others want fixed, longer term payments by earning Asset Management Fees that extend over the life of a project. SolRiver can accommodate either preference, and we can discuss the advantages of each to help create the right deal for your project.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

If you have a project you would like us to review, we will be happy to help. Just request an invitation to our platform using the button below and we can get started. Our submit a request through our Quick Solar Investment Calculator.

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