Resources for Clean Energy Developers

SolRiver outlines the key requirements for the major reports that Developers have to obtain to get permits and NTP. 

SolRiver’s provides notes on the various markets we find attractive for clean energy development or acquisition. 

We offer various outlines on working with us, from: (1) Diligence Process, (2) Deal structure, (3) Contractors, and (4) How to Request Capital. 

Guide To Third Party Reports

SolRiver offers a helpful guide to the third party reports that Developers obtain. Our guide lists the reports, identifies service providers, and discusses items to include in the report.  

SolRiver Report Guide
SolRiver National Investment platform

Attractive States For Development

SolRiver periodically publishes notes about the states we find attractive for renewable energy project development. Those notes include the programs and offtake opportunities that make the state interesting. 

Work With us 

SolRiver strives to use a transparent and efficient process to evaluate, close, and fund deals.  To do this, we publish a few resources that help Developer understand what to expect from us.