Capital Request Process

Straightforward process to begin discussing funding


Submit Your Development Plan & Project

We’re ready to look at your project. To get in touch with us, pick the option below that’s most convenient for you:

Email Us

You can always email us about your project. Just include some basic information like system size, location, and offtaker.

Submit Via Form

Use our online project intake form. Answer a handful of questions about the project and our team will be notified immediately.

Use Excel Sheet

We provide you a short Excel worksheet with our project inputs. Email the file back to us with your information and we’ll be sure to review it.


Quick Review Of Submission

Once we receive your submission, we’ll reach out and kickoff with a brief discussion about your project: 

We ask to look at a short list of project related documents. We’ll do a quick review of those to confirm the project has no showstoppers.

We give you an indicative price. (i.e. how much we can invest in your project) after evaluating your project.

We’ll collaborate with each other on the purchase terms that best fit your needs and expectations.


Close Funding

After collaborating together, we prepare a Term Sheet outlining our best offer for the purchase of your project. Once we sign the acquisition of your project, we’ll start the due diligence process and prepare the definitive set of transaction documents.

Term Sheet

During this stage, we will be readily available to answer questions and keep you up to date on our progress. Typical terms discussed at this stage are:

  • Funding Structure (based on type of capital requested)
  • Key project details (offtake, EPC costs, site conditions)
  • What are the key deadlines and milestones?
  • What is the payment schedule sought?

Guided Diligence

SolRiver begins the due diligence process and starts to prepare the definitive set of transaction documents. 

Interested in learning more about what we look for in the Quick Review? Our Developer Platform has a detailed diligence roadmap that covers every step of the funding process, from beginning to close.