Development Capital

Investing With Developers At Any Stage

SolRiver invests in the early-stage development of renewable energy projects. Our investment helps developers find good sites, build infrastructure, and maximize the worth of projects.  We recognize the true value of projects begin in the early phases, and our dynamic teams are ready to meet you where you’re at to provide support in all phases of a project.

Uses of Capital

SolRiver’s development capital  investment may be used by partners to scale  operations, expand into new markets, and build a robust team to tackle the challenges of early-stage development. A few examples include: 

  • Working Capital (Wages, Travel, Marketing, etc)
  • Site Acquisitions Costs
  • Interconnection Deposits
  • Offtake Expenses
  • Third-Party Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Utility Studies
  • Permitting Work

Funding Proven & Emerging Development Strategies

SolRiver collaborates with development teams interested in advancing their renewable energy projects from inception to NTP. We invest in a range of strategies, including but not limited to:

  1. Utility Scale Solar + Storage 
  2. Distributed Generation
  3. Community Solar
  4. Standalone storage (BESS)
  5. Carbon Capture & Sequestration
  6. Bilateral Methanol Sales
  7. H2 Transport
  8. Ammonia
  9. Green Hydrogen
  10. Micro-grids
  11. Large Scale BTM 

The SolRiver Advantage To Our Partners

SolRiver truly offers value-added capital to its Developer partners. We leverage our years buying and building projects to help Developers pick and develop the strongest projects. A few of our advantages are below. 



Our, Developer partners have access to construction, finance, and utility insight that is hard to access for most early stage developers. For example, we can quickly provide terms from:

  1. Panel & Storage Manufacturers
  2. EPC Contractors
  3. Tax Equity
  4. Lenders



After many years of developing, acquiring, and operating assets, SolRiver supports Developers with knowledge to enhance profitability including:

  1. Sophisticated Financial Modeling
  2. Active Collaboration
  3. Power Marketing Assistance
  4. Network of Resources



SolRiver invests in development strategies aimed at creating projects we would want to buy. We do not have to be the buyer. Nevertheless, Developers can take comfort knowing SolRiver’s IPP fund is a backstop buyer for them.



SolRiver has a long track record of buying, building, and managing clean energy projects. A few highlights:

  • $3 Billion in Financing
  • Experience with 4 GW+
  • 55 Projects in Operation
  • Active in 15 states

Development Capital Process

SolRiver engages in the development process as early as an inception of a development idea. We then continue diligence on these strategies to come to an accurate valuation to ensure our funding and expertise can be applied in a value-add manner. After the initial diligence, we will be ready to craft terms and begin negotiating a partnership within 8 weeks.