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Renewable Energy Acquisition Platform

SolRiver buys renewable energy projects and portfolios across the country. We invest across the spectrum of project sizes from distributed generation to community solar, and large utility scale solar+storage projects. We are comfortable acquiring at any stage of development, from early-stage to late-stage assets.


Why Us


What We Acquire


Our Process

Close & Fund with Confidence

SolRiver acquires projects, funds development, and provides additional financial support. We use flexible strategies to satisfy each of our partners specific needs.

Focused Expertise. Our team has been acquiring and building renewable energy projects for 15+ years. In that time, we created a battle tested process for quickly identifying which deals fit our criteria.

Efficient & Transparent Process. We use a streamlined process to close and fund deals quickly.

Transaction Certainty. With our proven vetting process and available capital, when we issue a Term Sheet, Developers know with certainty that they have a deal that will fund.

Areas Of Focus For SolRiver Acquisitions

SolRiver acquires early-stage to late-stage development projects, ranging from 3MW (in a portfolio) to over 150MW, in every major market across the US. 

Below illustrates what we routinely acquire. 

Project Sizes From DG to Utility-Scale

We acquire anything from distributed generation (3 MW to 5MW) portfolios to large utility scale 150MW solar + storage assets.  Examples include:

  • A portfolio of 3MW-AC community solar systems that total at least 15MW;
  • A single 150MW solar QF project
  • A 75MW solar and 300MWH storage project
  • A portfolio of 100MW+ projects totaling 700MW in development

Stage of Development: early to NTP

We acquire projects from early to late stage. In each case, we can structure the purchase to provide the developer a clean exit or pay for ongoing development under a DSA, based on the seller’s preference.

Early Stage Development Assets. We acquire  projects with site control and study results, but no offtake or permitting. We are comfortable handling the power marketing and local permitting, if the developer is seeking to exit as-is.

Mid-Stage Development. We acquire projects with site control, IX study results, and permits or offtake. SolRiver can structure the acquisition so that our team fills the remaining gaps or pays Developer for doing so.

NTP Projects.  We acquire projects that are at or near NTP, meaning site control, interconnection agreements, discretionary permits, and offtake are secured.

Our Process

Our acquisitions typically take 6 weeks for projects that are have completed dataroom.  Less advanced projects may take longer as we collaborate with the Developer.  The general flow of our acquisition deals is as follows:

  1. Share Project Info. Provide us details about the project. We run it through our model.
  2. Agree On Price. We’ll share what we can pay for the project. If you verbally accept that price, we move to document review.
  3. Initial Diligence. We’ll review the key project documents and let you know if we see any red flags.
  4. Term Sheet. Once the project passes initial diligence, we issue a Term Sheet.
  5. Contract Negotiation & Full Diligence. After the Term Sheet is signed, we’ll prepare the MIPA and Developer Service Agreement. If the Developer is the EPC, we also prepare an EPC Agreement, and O&M Agreement. We’ll conduct additional diligence into technical, legal, and real estate issues, as applicable.
  6. Begin Funding. Once the project satisfies the agreed upon closing/funding conditions, we begin making payments.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

We’re ready to look at your project. To get in touch with us, pick the option below that’s easiest for you.

Send Email

You can always email us about your project. Make sure to include some information such as system size, location, and offtaker.

Submit Online Form

Use our online project intake form. Answer a handful of questions about the project, and our team will be notified immediately. 

Use Excel Sheet

Alternatively, we can provide you a short Excel worksheet with our project inputs. Simply email the file back to us with your information and we’ll be sure to review it.