Renewable Energy Development Lending

SolRiver provides specialty finance solutions for the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects throughout the United States.

Specialty Loans for Developers

Our bespoke pre-NTP loans to developers are available to projects across all stages of the project lifecycle. With project finance and development expertise, we offer solutions structured to ensure speed, feasibility, and certainty of execution. SolRiver is uniquely positioned to help developers advance projects, maximize project value, and seize opportunities in today’s market.

Uses of Development Loans

Developers face a number of capital-intensive barriers to bringing projects to fruition throughout the project lifecycle. SolRiver addresses these needs with creative, developer-friendly financing solutions. Our flexible strategy of providing capital at critical stages ensures developers can overcome barriers and unlock project potential.

Early-Stage Traditional project financiers look for de-risked portfolios, creating a market gap for development-stage capital solutions. SolRiver’s early-stage development loans can fund:

  • IX Deposits
  • Long-Lead Equipment Deposits
  • PPA Bid Deposits

Mid to Late-Stage  These projects have strong intrinsic value that typically cannot be unlocked until the project is sold. SolRiver can lend against future purchase value of late-stage projects to fund:

  • Return of Capital to Developer
  • Bridge-Loans For Future Development Fees
  • Approved Development Expenses

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    Advantages To Our Developer Partners

    SolRiver distinguishes itself as a trusted partner through its industry experience, customized debt financing solutions, and flexible approach. This unique position allows us to offer Development Loans on cost-effective terms while delivering added value to our partners.

    Team. SolRiver’s team leverages decades of experience as an IPP with a strong understanding of what makes a successful project. We understand the challenges that developers face, and the need for capital availability to accelerate opportunities. Our informed perspective enables us to navigate inefficient and fragmented markets, and invest across capital structures, sectors and geographies in order to consistently generate value.

    Capital. Our loans are structured to reflect the true risks associated with each project or portfolio, properly assessing assets with risk-mitigation features.  With shorter duration and lower cost of capital, SolRiver’s development loans are developer-friendly non-dilutive capital solutions – developers retain control over their projects while maximizing returns and preserving equity.

    Platform. Our platform enables us to customize loan underwriting for each developer’s unique situation. If a deal aligns with our criteria, we can structure it to meet the specific goals and needs of the developer. This adaptability facilitates innovative financing solutions that align with the goals and specifics of each project. Our creative approach helps developers overcome challenges and optimize project value.

    You can also use our online project intake form. Answer a handful of questions about the project and our team will be notified immediately.