Investing in High Quality

Solar Projects





SolRiver specializes in acquiring and operating high-quality solar PV projects.

Our strategy focuses on opportunities that require between 5MW to 100MW per transaction.

01 We created a streamlined solar investment process with lower transaction costs, so we can work on smaller deals and one-off projects.
02  We are passive investors, allowing our partners to maintain control of operations and relationships with offtakers.
03 We price our investment on project cash flows, treating the solar tax benefits as part of the cash. This allows our partners to keep the upside of developing better projects.


SolRiver provides solar investment funding for high-quality solar projects that meet the following general investment criteria:

  • Projects must have long-term energy purchase contracts in place with investment grade customers.
  • Customers generally include utilities, cities, schools, Fortune 1000 companies, etc.
  • We look for projects between 5MW to 50MW.
  • Projects have no minimum hurdle but generally have a 7%+ unlevered after-tax IRR.
  • Geographic Focus: Solar-Friendly U.S. Markets

Let’s Discuss Your Project

If you have a solar project that needs financing, please let us know. You can use this form to tell us a bit about the project and your funding needs.
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