Funding Solar Projects In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Solar Programs & Incentives

SolRiver Capital funds solar projects across the country but we do have a keen interest in certain markets, like Massachusetts.

We are interested in Massachusetts because of it’s strong state programs and incentives for solar, including the coming SMART program and virtual net metering. In addition, the state has a high volume of direct PPA’s and utility PPA’s with high-quality offtakers. If you’re working on a solar project in Massachusetts, SolRiver will finance projects with schools, utilities, municipalities, and large corporations as offtakers.


The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target program (SMART) is launching in 2018 and is a feed-in-tariff for solar projects under 5MW with a total procurement target of 3.2GW. SMART offers 20-year PPAs with competitive bid pricing.

SolRiver is looking forward to funding Smart projects in 2018 and beyond.


In MA, virtual net energy metering or VNEM allows customers to generate energy in one location to apply against one or more of their meters in another location. This enables solar projects for offtakers that would otherwise have a site unsuitable or too small for solar. Most community solar projects in MA utilize VNEM but it’s typically referred to as “neighborhood net-metering”.

SolRiver is comfortable investing in VNEM projects and has seen many Massachusetts PPA’s utilize this structure.

Utility PPA’s

A Utility PPA is an agreement between a utility and a generator, in which the utility buys power from a solar system that’s interconnected to the utility grid. In addition to buying power, it’s common to see a utility purchase renewable energy credits or RECs.

Direct PPA’s

A direct power purchase agreement (“PPA”) refers to an agreement between a customer and a generator, in which the customer buys power from an on-site solar system. This is a plain-vanilla structure and very common for solar projects.

While direct PPA’s aren’t unique to Massachusetts, there is a significant volume of projects with direct PPA’s in the state.

Have a solar project in Massachusetts?

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Types of Projects We Look For

If you’re a developer or installer in New York, SolRiver is interested in the types of projects below.


SolRiver funds projects with educational offtakers – elementary, high school, and colleges/universities (public and private).
Examples of projects that SoRiver would fund:

  • 750kW carport with Rochester City School District
  • 1MW ground mount with Cornell University


SolRiver actively looks to provide capital for projects with utilities, including ConEd, NYSEG, National Grid, PSEG, LIPA, NYPA, Just Energy, and CH Energy.
Examples of projects that SoRiver would fund:

  • 15MW ground mount with Central Hudson
  • 30MW ground mount with ConEd


SolRiver can finance most municipal solar projects selling power to a local government, town, or city.
Examples of projects that SoRiver would fund:

  • 1MW rooftop with Rochester City
  • 5MW ground mount with LaGuardia Airport


For corporate offtakers, SolRiver can generally fund projects with Fortune 1000 companies.
Example of a project that SolRiver would fund:

  • 900kW rooftop with KPMG

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