August 10, 2023

New Canyonville Solar Project to Benefit Oregon Residents and Agriculture

Myrtle Creek, OR, June 8, 2023 (PRNEWSWIRE) –  SolRiver Capital, a leading renewable energy investment firm, is excited to unveil plans for the Canyonville Solar Project, which will combine sustainable energy generation with agricultural practices. Canyonville will be the first Oregon Community Solar Program available in Douglas County, helping residents there and throughout Oregon save money every month.

With respect for the land, neighbor’s views and area wildlife, and screened from public view behind trees on all sides, the agrisolar project in Myrtle Creek will combine solar power generation with agricultural land use.

The Canyonville Solar Project will create a pathway to energy independence for the community. And now, not only those who own their own homes and have ample roof space for solar panels, but any community member – including renters, businesses and commercial sites – can subscribe to the program and participate in solar. What all participants have in common is simple: they’ll save money on their energy bills while building a sense of community.

Canyonville will integrate several agrisolar features, seamlessly blending solar energy and sustainable farming practices, to unlock a future where energy self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

  1. Dual Use – Solar & Ag. The solar panels will be positioned to enable certain crops to thrive, optimizing land utilization and promoting food production alongside renewable energy generation. By utilizing the same land for both purposes, Canyonville exemplifies our commitment to self-reliance and sustainability.
  2. Goats for Mowing. Local goats, and other grazing animals, will be allowed to eat overgrown grass. This helps reduces the need for mechanical mowers, while giving a good meal to the animals.
  3. Bee Hives. With bees on the decline, we know bees (and beekeepers) need our help. Beekeepers will maintain bee hive boxes on the property, providing benefits to farmers throughout the county.
  4. Critter-Friendly Fences. Special fences are used to allow small animals such as turtles, squirrels and bunnies to run freely through the site, while larger animals such as cattle are kept from wandering in.
  5. Biodiversity Enhancement. By cultivating diverse ecosystems, native plants and pollinator-friendly vegetation will be thoughtfully integrated, fostering ecological balance and supporting the flourishing of local wildlife.
  6. Community Solar Empowerment. The Canyonville Solar Project is also an exceptional community-centric endeavor that empowers individuals to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources and forge a path to a more self-reliant future.

SolRiver Capital warmly invites all Oregon residents to participate in the community solar revolution by subscribing to the Canyonville Solar Project, and following our progress by following us on Facebook. By choosing to purchase energy from this pioneering initiative, individuals will become active participants in the clean energy transition, supporting local agriculture, driving sustainable development and taking a significant step towards energy independence for our community.

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