FAA Glare Analysis

FAA Glare Analysis Guide for Solar Developers & Installers

SolRiver Capital wants developers and installers to know why a FAA Glare Analysis should be done for all projects during the diligence process for you to secure an investment from us. In this guide on the FAA Glare Analysis, we discuss:

  1. What the FAA Glare Analysis is;
  2. Why SolRiver requires it from the developer and when it is needed;
  3. The scope SolRiver requires; and
  4. Who can provide the service.

What is a FAA Glare Analysis?

A SWPPP, or Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, is a site-specific, written, and signed document that (1) identifies the activities and conditions at the site that could cause water pollution and (2) details the steps the solar facility will take to prevent storm water pollution originating from the site.


Why is the FAA Glare Analysis needed and when do you need it by?

The FAA can block a solar project if it decides that the glare produced from a solar facility can cause harm or hinder safe operation of an airplane. The FAA can do this regardless of where a project is located, so performing the analysis helps to protect the project from any rulings by the FAA slowing down the development process or stopping it altogether. The FAA Glare Analysis should be dated within six (6) months of NTP, and preferably as early as possible.


What is the required scope for a FAA Glare Analysis?

The FAA Glare Analysis can take one or more of the following forms:

  • A qualitative analysis of potential impact in consultation with the Air Traffic Control Tower, pilots, and airport officials;
  • A demonstration field test with solar panels at the proposed site in coordination with Air Traffic Control Tower personnel; and/or
  • A geometric analysis to determine days and times when there may be an ocular impact.


Who can help prepare a FAA Glare Analysis?

Haley Aldrich: https://www.haleyaldrich.com/ 

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