Green Renewable Energy Project

3 MW Utility Scale — Culver, Oregon


SolRiver acquired Green Solar in the development phase (pre-NTP). The project required management in  engineering, permitting, title work, and equipment procurement.

During construction, Green Solar provided over 45 jobs to the local workforce. 

Green became operational in March 2023. The 3 MW utility-scale project brings clean, affordable energy to over 200 homes in Oregon a year.

kWh Energy Produced
January 2023
Construction Begins
March 2024


3 MW

Solar Modules


Central Inverter


CO2 Avoided

4,974 tons


Solriver resources for developers
  • 4,401 Canadian Solar Modules 
  •  Up to 70 ± 5% bifaciality Factor
  • Comprehensive LID / LeTID mitigation technology


  • 1 unit of Sungrow SG3425UD-MV  
  • DC 1500V
  • 600V AC Output
  • Power Factor Rating: >0.99 (+/- 0.8 Adjustable)
  • Array Technology V3
  • Single row, central slew drive balanced system
  • Engineered for long-term durability and reliability
  • Low cost to maintain

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Over the years, SolRiver’s team has been innovatively acquiring, developing, financing, and managing solar projects across the country.

We work with a wide range of partners, from solar Developers, Installers/EPC firms, brokers,and other energy investment funds.